. m. Armellino Animation DEMO reel 

Yann Armellino – Walking blues (Music video) - Director / animator
Framfab UK – (web CM) - Animator
Have you ever seen (Tv serie) - Animator
Mister IQ (Web pilot) - Director / animator
Brits'n brats (Tv serie) - Art Director
The ideas machine (Short film) - Director / animator
Fabien Verschaere – Magic Travel Take away (Modern Art film) - Director / animator
Popetown (Tv serie) - Designer
Michel Ocelot – Azur & Asmar (Feature film) - 2D Animator
Fabien Verschaere – Seven days hotel (Modern Art films) - Director / animator
Björk – Innocence is hanabi (Music video) - Director / animator
Renan Luce – La lettre (Music video) - Animator
Michel Ocelot - Björk – Earth intruders (Music video) - Animator
Danone (CM) - - Animator
Co² (Tv serie) - co-Director / animator
Katchagirl (Web pilot) - Director / animator
Mister K-Ouette (Web pilot) - Director / animator

CM for the hanabi2store online
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hanabi2 - KimoovePROD éditions micro web serie


Episode 8 still in Work in Progress


To be continued

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